In early February, Princess Eugenie, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, gave birth to her eldest son. The sweet baby was born about two years after Eugenie married her heartthrob, Jack Brooksbank, whom she met about a decade ago during a ski vacation in Switzerland. Since their sweet son was born, the new parents have been trying to adjust to the exciting status change, but Jack’s photos from a photogenic outing on a yacht in Italy with three beautiful models have managed to anger quite a few people in the kingdom.

Jack was photographed on the Italian island of Capri on a luxury yacht with three models. The princess’ husband and the new father spent the afternoon with a glass of rosé wine in his hand and only pants in his body, while the three women around him were in tiny swimsuits, and sometimes even sunbathed without a bra at all. The photos from Italy come as stated while Princess Eugenie is at home in cold London with their six-month-old son, and many in the UK are now watching from the sidelines in anticipation of an emerging scandal in the kingdom.

The three women who spent the drunken and sunny afternoon with the married Jack are Rachel Zelis, Maria Bocelti, and Erica Pelosini. Erica is an Italian model to whom Jack took a boat tour touching her hand and back, Maria is also a past model, and Rachel is the former editor of Glamor magazine. The photogenic group spent the afternoon in small swimsuits on the boat, jumping into the water, sunbathing in the sun and having a good time together, with no trace of an Eugenie or a six-month-old baby around.

Many on the network are already troubled by photos of Princess Eugene’s husband, and reactions have also begun to flow. “These pictures are embarrassing,” she wrote to the surfers. “I doubt Princess Eugenie or anyone in the royal family smiled when he saw them.” “Jack, good luck with explaining these pictures to Princess Eugenie while she’s stuck at home with the baby,” wrote another surfer. It is not clear what will happen to Jack at the moment, but what is certain is that we will continue to follow.

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