No longer Denmark’s richest
Anders Holch Povlsen is no longer Denmark’s most wealthy man, shows a new statement from Bloomberg

After a year and a half as Denmark’s richest man, it is – at least for now – over with that title for Anders Holch Povlsen. Photo: Joachim Ladefoged

Anders Holch Povlsen is still dizzyingly rich, but he can no longer boast of being Denmark’s richest man.

It writes Finans on the basis of a new statement from Bloomberg, which ranks the world’s 500 richest people.

The bestselling rich man has otherwise been the best-placed Dane since the end of 2020, but a large drop in wealth of around DKK 17.5 billion has sent him far back on the list. Now he is number 292 with a total fortune of about 54.3 billion kroner.

Instead, it is now Niels Peter Louis-Hansen, who is in the best position with a place as number 283. According to Bloomberg, his fortune is 55.2 billion kroner.

However, the fact that he has taken over the place is not due to the fact that he has made good money this year. Both Danish rich people have seen their fortunes dwindle this year. In fact, their fortunes have fallen so much that the entire return for the fantastic 2021 is gone – and more.

Niels Peter Louis-Hansen’s fortune has fallen by DKK 11.7 billion.

Niels Peter Louis-Hansen is best known as Coloplast heir. PR Photo
Niels Peter Louis-Hansen is best known as Coloplast heir. PR Photo

Niels Peter Louis-Hansen is a Danish businessman who is especially known as the heir to the listed Danish company Coloplast, which his father founded. He still owns a fifth of that company, just as he owns large shares of companies like Ambu and Virogates.

In 2020/21, his holding company NO Louis-Hansen ApS had a profit of DKK 4.98 billion before tax. However, that company does not have his shareholding in Coloplast.

In total, the six Danes on the list have experienced a fall in wealth of DKK 47 billion, writes Finans.

In addition to the Bestseller owner and Coloplast owner, it is the four members of the Lego family Kirk Kristiansen who make up the six Danes on the list of the world’s 500 richest.

The billionaires’ large sum of money unfortunately sometimes attracts criminals. Read here how Niels Peter Louis-Hansen was tied up and had a gun put in front of his temple.

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