This morning we told you quite shocked that after many rumors (which sounded to us clearly unlikely), Kenya West came out of the bachelor market and entered into a new relationship with the beautiful model, Irina Shake. The two went on a romantic vacation together in France to celebrate the singer’s 44th birthday, and after being documented spending time with the tabloids overseas they were crowned as the new couple of the swamp.

Less than half a year has passed since Kenya divorced his wife of the past six years, Kim Kardashian. The two announced in January that they intended to divorce, and have since removed the wedding rings, moved into separate homes, and started talking about the custody agreement for their four children together. Kim’s name has already been linked to the name of CNN reporter Van Jones, but the star has not been documented in a couple’s party as Kenya provided to paparazzi photographers. So what does the Queen of the Egg think of the new ex’s new relationship?

“Kim heard the rumors about Kim and Irina’s relationship and she doesn’t care at all,” an acquaintance of the star told E !. “As long as it doesn’t affect her kids, she really doesn’t care who Kenya goes out with. Kim and Irina don’t know each other, so it’s not a factor for Kim. She does not care that he started dating other people.” What has been said and what will we say. Gulls.

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