As a Finn, I am already at war with Putin – How do the minds that have crumbled at the gas station endure even in a pottery?

The turning points in history are always an escalation of strangeness, in the middle of which you just have to adapt. So far, Finns have been cheap, writes Emil Elo, editor of HS Vision.

When in the army as a beginner we shot at the board, competing with friends playfully. Who hit the ten, who the vitos, who passed the board.

Like the cottage Olympics without alcohol.

It didn’t mean that we were really practicing shooting at peers in another country.

Once we were planted at night in a pottery of the Finnish wars and asked to think about how it felt when the enemy had camped a hundred meters away. In the frostbite 70 years earlier, only a foreign language had echoed that had to be silenced.

“Think about the fear that must have been overcome,” one officer instructed.

We sat there and thought about that goddamn board when we were at the bar.

The image of war was black and white and gone, life is colorful and here it is.

The European War was supposed to take place in a granular history documentary and not on Twitter.

Things are changing now, this is the European 9/11 moment.

Russian after the attack on Ukraine the war got the colors.

The Ukrainians defending the attackers in Mariupol are the engineers, restaurant workers and taxi drivers of the Finnish Winter War. Ordinary people who are left with no choice but to defy the fear of death.

They, too, probably thought a few months ago that there would be no more war here when there is this cross-linking of the global economy.

After all, it would be against Russia to start a war of aggression, that is, the national economy. As it were.

West Front ignited the Russian economy as Russia burned Ukrainian cities. The final detachment from Russian energy is likely to begin next, as long as the Germans get in line.

In Finnish, this means that the front of the war extends far beyond Ukraine. Now there is a struggle between Western values ​​and Vladimir Putinwell, for some reason.

I don’t think everyone understands the scope and significance of all this. Economic war, European security, NATO and collapsing Russia.

Things are changing now, this is the European 9/11 moment.

In war, every party pays a price and so far we Finns have had an easy alternative. No need to pay with your life, you can get it with money.

A thinner wallet is a nasty thing, but war rarely contains any nice stuff.

If Russia doesn’t stop now, then I don’t know how the crumbling minds at the gas station will endure even in a pottery.

Currently, the locations of each wartime, possible missions, and of course a possible big S are under consideration.

I hate intti stories because they are the dullest conversations between men. Lately, though, we’ve started going through military times with friends.

Now, don’t focus on the misconceptions that are confusingly often associated with feces or some outside tunar. Currently, the locations of each wartime, possible missions, and of course a possible big S are under consideration.

Well, they’re not coming here now. Or if so, someone will come to the rescue.

If not, then there is probably no alternative. How the family, how the work. Who pays if a missile hits my apartment? What did Niinistö mean when he said that?

This is obviously the turning point in history. In hindsight, the course of events is always clear, but the moment itself is a mere escalating strangeness.

Even now, everyday life means those moments when doomscroll lane between ministerial briefings. Heavy when there was more to do.

Sometimes fortunately, this turning point is coming to an end, as history has shown time and time again.

It is quite likely that in a moment Europe will be free of its dependence on Russia, Finland will be in NATO, Korona will be over, the fight against climate change has taken a leap through renewable energy sources and the Western value base will be more united than ever.

The war has once again moved into documentary form and conscripts are thinking more of a bar than an enemy.

Maybe it’s the world you deserved to overcome, fear and fight for. Each according to their own abilities and capabilities.

By Editor

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