Luis Tosar, conspiracies in the sun with María Botto in this exclusive clip of The Emperor Code

It hits theaters this Friday ‘Emperor Code’ the thriller directed by Jorge Corira responsible for the acclaimed series ‘Hierro’, and starring the three-time Goya winner louis tosar.

with script of Jorge Guerricaechevarria the plot of ‘Emperor Code’ uncovers the most hidden face and the dark secrets of the political and social elites of Spain following in the footsteps of Juan, the protagonist played by Tosar, who on this occasion plays an agent of the intelligence unit that is going through a “process of personal, ideological and professional crisis“.

And precisely that, don’t you dare ‘pull the blanket’ This is what a journalist with whom he collaborates in this exclusive clip for Europa Press reproaches him.

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‘We are going to clean this country of garbage Charo, now with the digital ones there is no longer a company policy that is worth covering up corruption, dare to take the leap’. Well here I am, I’ve jumped and I’m still in the air waiting for you to decide to give me something serious, something good“, reproaches the character of Botto, a journalist who has in Juan, the character of Tosar, a privileged source of information… but lately it seems to have dried up.

“Has anything ever happened to you that wasn’t true?“, Tosar replies. “You use me to screw whoever it is at all times,” Charo replies, aware that, as usual, powerful interests hide behind Juan’s leaks.

The official synopsis of the film, which will open the 25th edition of the Malaga Festival, which will be held from March 18 to 27, is as follows: “Juan works for the secret services; In order to gain access to the chalet of a couple involved in arms trafficking, he approaches Wendy, the Filipino maid who lives in the house and establishes a relationship with her that will become increasingly complex. In parallel, Juan does other ‘unofficial’ jobs to protect the interests of the country’s most powerful elites, who have now set their sights on Ángel Gonzalez, an apparently bland politician whose dirty laundry he will have to search for or ‘invent’ with the help of Marta, the daughter of a well-known actor“.

Along with Luis Tosar and María Botto, Alexandra Masangkay (‘El Hoyo’) completes the cast of ‘Emperor Code’, Georgina Amorós (‘Elite’), Laura Domínguez (‘The Cathedral of the Sea’), Miguel Rellan (‘Shame’), Aaron Piper (‘The mess you leave’), Denís Gómez (‘The neighbor’), Fran Lareu (‘Three and Saints Please (‘While the war lasts’), among others.

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