Earlier this week we told you about the new scandal in the kingdom, with the new photos of Princess Eugene’s husband, Jack Brooksbank, documented celebrating on a yacht with three models. The princess’ husband was photographed while his partner was at their home in London with their six.month.old son, and many on the network were outraged at the photos from Jack’s pastime. Now Judy James, a body language expert, is analyzing the situation on the yacht – and sending a reassuring message to followers of the royal family.

“Of all the men in the royal family, Jack is the one we least expect to appear in such pictures,” she wrote. “The blushing, shy and anxious looking groom always looks sweet and shy and not naughty and seductive. And yet in the photos he is with a wide smile and a swimsuit, on a yacht alongside some shirtless models. Does body language look dangerous? I would say no, more naive or stupid.“

“Pictures can always be misleading. Obviously he enjoys swimming and smiling. These are not the pictures his wife would like to see from a day in the office, but there are no non.verbal insights or hints here to point the finger in the direction of infidelity.“

As you may recall, Jack was photographed on the Italian island of Capri on a luxury yacht with three models. The princess’ husband and the new father spent the afternoon with a glass of rosé wine in his hand and only pants on, while the three women around him were in tiny swimsuits, and sometimes even sunbathed without a bra at all. The photos from Italy came as stated while Princess Eugenie is at their home in cold London with their six.month.old son.

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