Nora lives with Andreas, a boyfriend she met in the ‘Paradise Hotel.’ Henning Hjorth/Flickr

What should have been a relaxing Sunday for Nora Tveden Thomsen, a former ‘Paradise Hotel’ contestant, turned into a nightmare.

Nora revealed in an Instagram story that she had to evacuate her residence in a panic on Sunday morning because a fire had broken out.

When Ekstra Bladet catches her on the phone, she admits that it took some time for her to realize what she was doing was utterly insane.

– We have a bamboo lantern with a glass in which you can place a candle, and we’ve probably lit it a thousand times without it catching fire. But when I’m lying in my bed, watching a show, the fire alarm goes off, and my dog starts barking, she says, continuing:

– I’d got the impression that I had a mild case of asthma, but I hadn’t given it much thought. When I exit the room, though, I notice that there are flames all the way up the wall.

The blackening of the wall after the fire may be seen here. Photo taken in private

3 minutes in the freezer

Nora Tveden Thomsen has previously admitted to Ekstra Bladet that she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.

– I guess I’ve been frozen for over three minutes because I don’t know what to do. And then I do something stupid by picking up a pot of water and pouring it over the candles, which causes the flames to climb all the way to the ceiling because the candles contain a lot of oil, she claims.

Nora then grabs her dog and tries to get her rabbit out of the apartment, but she is unsuccessful. She rushes out of the apartment, barefoot and in her nightgown, dialing 112 for help.

– I’m so terrified that I can’t remember where I live or what my CPR number is. However, the police and fire department arrive and rapidly extinguish the fire, according to Nora.

Thankfully, she and the animals are both doing fine. Despite the fact that the experience has left her shaken.

The smell has been reduced by wrapping the wall in plastic since the fire, but Nora believes it won’t go away completely until the moldings are painted and replaced. Photo taken in private

– I was quite shaken and upset when I returned to my flat. I still think about it on a regular basis. She explains, “I’ve been dreaming all night that there was a fire in the flat.”

Nora Tveden Thomsen shares a home with her partner Andreas, whom she met at the ‘Paradise Hotel.’ They are currently on the lookout for a home with a little extra space around them.

On Friday, several previous ‘Paradise Hotel’ competitors attended the Reality Awards. You can receive exclusive access to the show here on Ekstra Bladet if you want to see how insane it is.

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