The Council of Ministers approves this Tuesday the cultural bonus

The Council of Ministers will approve this Tuesday, March 22, the Royal Decree of the youth cultural bonus of which the maximum distribution that can be made of the total 400 euros for the beneficiaries is already known, as sources from the Ministry of Culture and Sports have confirmed to Europa Press.

The draft of the text, published last February on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, regulates the 400-euro bonus that young people who turn 18 throughout 2022 can benefit from for the acquisition and enjoyment products, services and cultural activities. The bonus will be valid during the twelve months following its granting.

The bond is expected to subsidize live arts, cultural heritage and audiovisual arts: tickets and subscriptions for performing arts, live music, cinema, museums, libraries, exhibitions and scenic, literary, musical or audiovisual festivals, up to a maximum of 200 euros per beneficiary.

In addition, it is collected to subsidize cultural products in physical support: books; magazines, newspapers, or other periodicals; video games, musical scores, discs, CDs, DVDs, or those known as Blu-ray, up to a maximum of 100 euros per beneficiary.

For its part, each beneficiary person may allocate up to 100 euros for digital or online consumption: subscriptions and rentals to musical, reading or audio-reading, or audiovisual platforms, purchase of audiobooks, purchase of digital books (known as e-books), subscription to download multimedia files (known as podcasts), subscriptions to online video games , digital subscriptions to newspapers, magazines or other periodicals.

On the contrary, Culture has pointed out that The acquisition of stationery products will not be eligible; curricular textbooks, whether printed or digital; computer and electronic equipment, software, hardware and consumables; art supplies; musical instruments; sports and bullfighting shows; fashion and gastronomy. The bonus will also not cover the purchase of products that have been rated X or pornographic.

It is estimated that almost 500,000 young people throughout Spain can benefit from this aid, included in the General State Budget for 2022 with a budget of 210 million euros. In preparing the text, the Ministry of Culture and Sports has followed the experience of other countries such as France or Italy, which also set the age of their beneficiaries at 18 years.

The text states that the Youth Cultural Voucher will be for exclusive use in establishments or institutions adhering to the program, that provide services in Spain and that, professionally and habitually, exercise activities of sale or provision of cultural products, activities and services.

Those interested in acquiring the status of an entity adhering to the Youth Cultural Voucher must request their membership in the terms and deadlines established in the corresponding call.


The management of the program will be carried out through a specific technological platform, in which the applications will be submitted, which will be processed in order of presentation. Once the aid has been granted to the beneficiary, the total amount granted will be paid, in a single payment, in virtual prepaid card format.

Exceptionally, a physical card may be issued if the beneficiary does not have a compatible mobile device to contain the aforementioned virtual card, when requested. The future rule also provides that the Youth Cultural Bonus is compatible with any other subsidy, aid, income or resource from other public administrations.

In the coming months, once the aforementioned Royal Decree has been approved, the calls for the adhesion of the entities that are interested in joining the program and for the application of the aid by the young beneficiaries will be published.

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