About a month ago, Ruslana Rudina was standing under the canopy for the first time in her life, when she married her partner, Itai Paz. The exciting wedding took place about four years after Ross met her heartthrob, and the two picked up a wedding from the legends. After we told you about the pampering honeymoon that the two will fly to very soon, now it turns out that Ross and I were dealing with no small drama.

Ruslana and I closed a pampering honeymoon in Morocco, and started counting the days until the long-awaited moment. The two had already packed their suitcases and most beautiful clothes, but a few days ago Ross found out there was a problem with her visa – and the flight along with the dream honeymoon – was canceled.

Hardly flew. Ruslana Rudina and Itai Paz | Photo: Aviv Hofi

Ross did not intend to give up, and after quite a bit of insistence on her part and on the part of her people, Ross received a happy answer today: the technical matter regarding the visa has been addressed, and the planned vacation will take place as a series. This coming Thursday, Ruslana and I will arrive at Ben Gurion Airport and fly together for a week-long honeymoon in Morocco, and we will tell you about all the most glittering moments from the two’s perfect trip.

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