Engaged? That’s how Rihanna answered when asked about the ring
About two months ago we excitedly told you that the eternal bachelorette of the Hollywood swamp, Rihanna, is in the midst of her first pregnancy. Since then there have been quite a few rumors about such and such engagements, and now the star has addressed the issue for the first time
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On the first day of December 2021, the entire network erupted in the wake of the then-alleged baby bump that appeared on Rihanna’s body. After quite a few denials, on the last day of January 2022, Riri has already revealed that she is indeed carrying her first pregnancy in her womb, and since then we have been trying to regulate our breathing out of excitement.

Earlier this week she was photographed with a huge diamond ring on her finger, which made many suspect that she and her partner, Isaac Rocky, were engaged. Tonight, at the end of a fiery outing in Santa Monica, paparazzi photographers caught her asking some important questions – and she first addressed the issue of the ring.


Riri came out of the luxury restaurant in Pregnancy Block that dropped our jaw to the floor, with extra high heel sandals, a little mini dress and a big, perfect fur coat. When she left the place quite a few purposeful paparazzi photographers were waiting for her, and when one of them asked her with the ring – she answered perfectly as only she knows.

“Hey Rihanna,” one of the photographers told her. “Do you have a beautiful ring on your finger, are you engaged?”, He asked, and Riri, as she rolled with laughter, replied, “This old thing?”. “Come on,” the photographer told her, to which she replied, still smiling: “You really are.” We mention that Rihanna graciously denied the pregnancy in question as well, so we will take the current denial with * very * limited bail.

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