Not an easy year has passed for Angelina Jolie, who reached the culmination of a long divorce battle with the father of her children, Brad Pitt. Now, while enjoying her latest sweet win over Brad, Angie has joined her children on holiday in Italy – and was simply at her peak.

We have told you many times before about paparazzi photos of the beautiful Angelina, in which she always looked almost the same. The star went out with her children to various shopping malls with beige trench coats, a mask and a frightened look, so when we saw her amazing photos from Italy – we had to tell you.

Do not relax. Angelina Jolie looks amazing | Photo: Instagram
Angelina Jolie on holiday in Italy (Photo: Instagram)
She seems to be fine. Angelina Jolie | Photo: Instagram

The 46.year.old star spent time in Venice with her friend, artist Peron Nuri, and her husband JR. The two set out on a star.studded adventure on the rooftops of Venice, all well documented in Perron’s story. What did we find out? Freedom does our Angelina good.

Perron photographed Angie on an Italian tiled roof, and the star looked just happy. She later documented it at the train station, on the train and at a sumptuous lunch. The whole story expanded our hearts and made us dream of the Instagram page to be run by the beautiful Angelina. Wow.

Angelina Jolie on holiday in Italy (Photo: Instagram)
The most photogenic woman in the world. Julie | Photo: Instagram
Angelina Jolie on holiday in Italy (Photo: Instagram)
Even the train is beautiful to her. Angie | Photo: Instagram

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