Andreas Mogensen on a new journey to international space station

Andreas Mogensen, who in 2015 became the first Dane in space, will once again pull on the spacesuit.

This is stated by the Ministry of Education and Research in a press release.

It is Nasa that has pointed to the Danish astronaut as one of two pilots on the SpaceX mission, which in July 2023 will embark on a longer journey towards the International Space Station, ISS, where they will be until February 2024.

Andreas Mogensen thus becomes the first non-American pilot to steer a Crew Dragon spaceship.

According to, the mission is set to last about half a year. It is significantly longer than Andreas Mogensen’s first trip to space, which lasted ten days.

Proud and happy
The Danish astronaut is looking forward to embarking on another space journey.

– It’s something I’ve been looking forward to ever since I landed in late 2015, and it’s something I worked towards. One of the reasons I’m still in the job is just to get going again. So it’s big, says Andreas Mogensen to

Minister of Education and Research Jesper Petersen is also pleased that Andreas Mogensen is now leaving.

– The first non-American pilot on a SpaceX mission is also Denmark’s first astronaut. Andreas Mogensen has just done really well. I am not alone proud of that as a Dane. I am also happy and grateful for that as Minister, he says and emphasizes that he sees Andreas Mogensen as an invaluable ambassador for the scientific and technical educations.

– With this expedition, Danish researchers will have the opportunity to make some completely unique research experiments that, among other things, can promote green conversion. And I look forward to following that, the minister continues in the press release.

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