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The indie rock group Vetusta Morla has composed and performed the original song as well as the original soundtrack of the feature film ‘La hija’, the new film by Manuel Martín Cuenca, starring Javier Gutiérrez and Patricia López Arnaiz, which will hit the big screen next November 26 by the hand of Caramel Films.

“The soundtrack of ‘La hija’ has been an incredible challenge for us. Although we had composed the score for ‘Los Ríos de Alice’, a video game, it was the first time that we created music for a complete film,” acknowledge the members of Old Morla.

“Manuel Martín Cuenca made us a call to tell us about his idea of ​​a film in which the music emerged from the film’s own environments. We read the script and found the plan exciting. For months we tried to immerse ourselves in the universe of the film , planning the sound color palette, going to the filming, working hand in hand with the direct sound equipment, which fed us from the wind tracks, rivers, car noises, footsteps … “, the band recounts on how it came about this collaboration and the songwriting process.

“While they were filming, we were processing those sounds and using software to build virtual instruments with which to design. In this way, music is literally born from what we see and hear in the image, making the sound passages a whole with the audio track. without knowing, many times, if what the viewer hears is music or just direct sound “, they add.

“I was looking for an electronic quality that would contrast with the portrait of nature in its purest form in which the film was inscribed,” says Manuel Martín Cuenca. “I have always liked to go against it and work by contrast, to avoid the obvious, but even more so if it refers to the sound and musical treatment. In this case, the electronic had to pierce the naturalism of the image,” he continues.

The director confesses that “he admired the work of Vetusta Morla for her songs, but, in addition, it seemed to me that they were capable of bringing enormous depth to the musical atmospheres they built”. “I felt that they could be the best musicians to compose the soundtrack of ‘La hija’, and I was not wrong,” he adds.

According to Martín Cuenca, “the work they did turned out to be more than what I had dreamed of, a miracle that I was able to access as a director. They were able to understand and adapt to the story, to accept the challenges it proposed to them and to build a band. sound that seems to emerge from the images. ” “It was hard work, I don’t deny it. We talked a lot, they tested a lot, they investigated with great rigor, and they gave the film a sound beauty that shocks me. They were able to take the film further. It is a luxury to have shared this journey with them “, he emphasizes.

This dramatic suspense thriller – which Martín Cuenca has written together with Alejandro Hernández, with whom he has already collaborated on ‘El Autor’ and ‘Caníbal’ – is an entirely Spanish production that will celebrate its world premiere at the 46th edition of the Festival Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), within the Contemporary World Cinema section.

Days later, the film will participate in the Official section, Out of Competition, in the 69th edition of the San Sebastián International Film Festival, as announced by the production company.

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