Klaus Kjellerup races in radio program
Dancer with the boys frontman came on the loose line in The Independent this morning, where he claimed that what one writes on Twitter is never an expression of one’s personal views. At the same time, he feels exposed to a regular sacrifice in the media, which has not understood the case, he believes

Klaus Kjellerup does not believe that the things you write on Twitter can be based on personal attitudes. Photo: Christian Lykking

The musician Klaus Kjellerup, who among other things has helped to form the legendary Tøsedrengene in the late 70s and in the early 90s independently formed Danser med drenge, recently came to light when he commented on the ongoing war via a series of tweets in Ukraine.

Here he believed, among other things, that the Russians do not bomb anything. On the other hand, Ukrainian Nazi militias do, he claimed in a tweet – a post he later distanced himself from because what he – according to himself – actually meant was that the Russians were not bombing civilians.

However, it did not help the condemnation, as his post went viral, which led to chaos in Dancer with boys, where furious band members distanced themselves from Klaus Kjellerup and his attitudes, just as it threw the band into an uncertain future with postponed concerts and doubts about the project’s continuation existence.

Not own attitudes
Here a few weeks after the shitstorm took off, Klaus Kjellerup visited the radio station The Independent on Friday morning, and here the two hosts drilled both in the musician’s Ukraine tweets, his controversial attitudes and in what this whole case has done to the 67-year-old musician.

Among other things, he believes – quite surprisingly, many Twitter users probably want more – that so-called tweets on Twitter are never an expression of a personal attitude, and then he is asked if he has changed his attitude in the unbearably clear light of hindsight.

– Not at all. I have not described any position at all at any time. I’m a journalist just like you. I write things and it is not an expression of my views. If I write about some documented facts or facts that happen around the world, then that is not my position. In the same way that it is not journalists at Berlingske’s position what is written in the newspaper. That’s how it is.

Wise of injury
Kjellerup believes, however, that he has learned something from the case and reiterates that Twitter, according to him, is not used for personal attitudes:

– Then I learned that. That people think that when you write something on Twitter, it’s your attitude. Well, it’s wild. You have to admit – it’s wild. But I have learned then that this is how someone thinks. They can make a huge fuss, says Klaus Kjellerup in the program.

He reiterates that it is certainly not his own views, but rather truths, that he aired on Twitter:

– There is nothing true in what should be my views. It’s just a joke – it’s me who’s been clumsy and idiotic, and I’m sorry.

Do not bother to associate
The hosts constantly critically ask about the controversial Ukraine tweets and the musician’s attitudes to the war and the reason for this, but Kjellerup does not bother to talk about it or be associated with it, he says in a very specific tone.

However, he would like to say that he feels persecuted:

– You asked if this is a character assassination of me, and yes – it is. To that extent, it looks like a character assassination. I do not know if you have seen what the consequences are? People write that my orchestra has disbanded – it’s crazy. Then the media finds out that it has not disintegrated, and then they write that it has resurfaced. It has been to the deep detriment of me, my family and my surroundings.

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