This coming Sunday the Olympics will come to an end after providing us with quite a few moments of contentment. We’re in the system Celebs were close to the screen, and we got excited along with our athletes at every end and every medal, but between end to end, as we tried to regulate our breathing, we caught out of the corner of our eye a few faces that didn’t come out of our heads. After a particularly tense competition, get to know the ten hottest athletes of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Cut, save, and start sweating.

Alyssa Schmidt

We will start raising the pulse with the German runner, Alyssa Schmidt. Alyssa will celebrate her 23rd birthday this November, but her young age really does not stop her from being one of the promising talents of the German sports world. Alyssa, who rises to a height of 1.75, may not have won a single medal at the last Olympics, but with 2.3 million followers on Instagram and dozens of sponsored campaigns she does, we are not really afraid of the fate of the beautiful runner. Hugh Nao, in case she needs Flan B.

Clive Darsell

Is it true the vibes of being 24 years old from Florida, 1.91 cm with a blond blonde and blue eyes? Gold medals, all in competitive butterfly swimming. As is well known, butterfly is one of the most difficult styles in swimming, but fortunately Darsel is endowed with shoulder muscles and chest no less than mesmerizing. We kept it to the end, but he is married. Not only married – he married his partner From high school.Sometimes dreams come true.

Alex Morgan

If you want the perfect partner, who will also be an Olympic athlete, will also be a football player, will also be overwhelming and will earn much, but much more than you – there is a situation where Alex Morgan is the one. The 32.year.old Alex is an American footballer who plays as a striker for the Tottenham Hotspur women’s team, and as a member of the United States football team she has twice won the World Cup, Olympic gold medal and second place in the World Cup. At the last Olympics she won a bronze medal in the women’s soccer tournament, and she returned happy and kind.hearted to her husband and their sweet baby, Charlie.

Pedro Barros

I don’t know if you were on it, but between the judo events, the discus throw and the long jump, she was pushed to the Olympics by a skateboard competition (Olympic!), Which brought our good old crash back to the skaters. The crash took a rather elegant turn when the word Olympics came into the picture, and so we discovered Pedro Barros, who besides fainting he also got to be one of the hottest and most talented skaters in the world. The 26.year.old Pedro represented Brazil in the competition and even garnered the coveted silver medal. Besides being one of the hottest guys in the Olympics he has already managed to make coveted goals, spend long hours at sea, catch color, and then, on the way, bring home an Olympic medal. Nice.

Lauren Geraldo Teyshire

Along with Pedro Barros on the plane from Brazil also arrived Lauren Geraldo Teixeira, a 25.year.old volleyball player who did not win the coveted medal, but thanks to her participation in the Olympic competition we found our new obsessive. Lauren’s Instagram page is followed by about 95,000 users, and she shares her perfect Brazilian life with it: she spends time at the sea, celebrates with friends, and returns to the sea again. Hope next time with a medal.

A beautiful moment in the final of the high jump, without interference from broadcasters and commentators:
Referee: It’s a draw, we can continue to break the tie
Jumps: Can we get two gold medals?
Referee: Yes, it’s possible, but it depends if you decide that —
Jumps: Wowoooooooooooooooooooooo

. AmitB (@amitb00) August 1, 2021

Gianmarco Tambri

An important lesson we learned from Mom at about age zero touched on character and beauty and jars and what they have, and the high jumper, Gianmarco Tambri, is without a doubt the perfect combination of peak pieces and peak sweetness. The 29.year.old Gianmarco returned to Italy with a gold medal in the high jump, which he received in a particularly sweet sporting moment: Gianmarco reached a tie with the Qatari jumper, Mutaz Asa Barshim, and when he finished the jump the referee declared it a draw. Mutaz asked the referee if it was possible to get two gold medals, and after the referee replied that it was their decision Gianmarko jumped on Mutaz in a hug, and was unable to stop the excitement long minutes later. This time, we melted from the sweetness.

Alexandra Walsh

It’s hard for us to deal with our obsession with swimmers, so it’s time to get to know Olympic swimmer Alexandra Walsh. Alexandra is only 20 years old, and has already won the silver medal in the 200m. The beautiful Alexandra is not yet used to advertising, and on her Instagram page of about 26,000 followers you can find old photos with her partner from school, fun with friends from elementary school, and recently also many, but many Olympics.

Tom Daily

Another aquatic creature we fell in love with is Olympic jumper Tom Daley, who also grabbed the gold medal in a synchronous jump, and also grabbed millions of fans when a grille was photographed in the stands of the Olympic swimming pool. 27.year.old Tom watched the women’s final jump off the podium from the swimming pool, and the cameras vigorously documented him grilling a particularly sweet pink bag. The millions of spectators at the Olympics from all over the world could not ignore the documentation of the athlete who instantly became the hottest thing on the net, and later it turned out that he even sells the fruit of his knitting on a dedicated Instagram page. Fainted.

Zahara Ganesh

Zahara Gonesh’s Instagram page looks like a successful It Girl Instagram page, but in practice she is an Olympic athlete who recently celebrated her 22nd birthday. Zahara represented Turkey at the Olympic Games in the women’s volleyball tournament, and it may be hard to believe, but this is a particularly tall and young girl, who rises to a height of 1.97 (!). Zahara’s group was defeated by the South Korean women’s group, but she received a small consolation award when she became one of the hottest topics on Twitter in South Korea because of her breathtaking style and stunning looks. a reason to party.

Roy the Chimura

The combination of basketball and the Olympics is without a doubt the most promising combination, Roy Hitchimura is the best promise we got out of Tokyo 2020. Roy is a 23.year.old Japanese basketball player who plays for the Washington Wizards in the NBA, and was lucky enough to get to the Olympics and represent Japan. Although Roy did not return home with a medal, he did return with quite a few new followers and followers on his Instagram page, where he presents his good (and high) life as a gifted basketball player. Obsessed.

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