Influencer reported to the police for tobacco advertising
The Consumer Ombudsman has reported a company to the police for advertising aroma balls for cigarettes. They have also reported an unnamed influencer to the police to advertise the products

In Denmark, it is illegal to advertise tobacco products. Photo: Sophia Juliane Lydolph / Ritzau Scanpix

A one-man business has been reported to the police by the Consumer Ombudsman because they have advertised products that add flavor to cigarettes. An influencer has also been reported to the police for the same.

This is stated by the Consumer Ombudsman in a press release.

There is a total ban on advertising tobacco products in Denmark, but in the marketing of the products, among other things, pictures of cigarettes have been used, while promotional statements have also been used to use the aroma balls in its cigarettes.

‘With a simple click in the filter, you can enjoy this exotic taste, your sense of taste is affected by a sweet, mild, refreshing watermelon taste which gives a kick of the summer joys’, it said on the company’s website.

On Instagram, the company has marketed itself with competitions where you can win a month’s consumption of the balls with flavor.

‘DO YOU ALSO MISS MENTHOL AND THE GOOD OLD CLICK ?? DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO MISSS ITS OLD CLICK ?? We are completely overwhelmed by the great interest you have shown, and in connection with our opening of the webshop, we would really like to thank you with a competition where you have the opportunity to win our click balls for 1 month consumption for sharing optional flavors’, said, for example, in a notice.

Influencer reported
The company has used an unnamed influencer in the marketing, who has posted on its profile about the tobacco products. The influencer in question has made several notices such as advertising in which the company is tagged.

‘For you who miss the flavors in the cigarettes’ and ‘There are lots of flavors and accessories’, it said, among other things.

This prompted the Consumer Ombudsman to react:

– All advertising for tobacco products is basically prohibited. Advertising of goods designed to be used in conjunction with tobacco products is also prohibited.

– The far-reaching advertising ban naturally also applies to influencers. If you violate the ban on tobacco advertising, you must expect to be reported to the police, says consumer ombudsman Christina Toftegaard Nielsen in the press release.

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