Louis Vuitton’s New Jewel Causes Storm: “They Support Russia”
The jewel that caused a stir: The French fashion house Louis Vuitton has released a jewelry collection that has upset surfers. The company introduced a new bracelet with a symbol that looks like the letter Z, which the Russians use as a symbol in war. Surfers were furious and reacted angrily in the company’s Instagram post: “You are not serious! Is this real?”.The Louis Vuitton website states that the logo is the acronym for the fashion house. However, surfers thought it inappropriate to use this symbol during the war in Ukraine. Many of the surfers responded with a smiling and disgusted smiley, some even responded: “It is impossible to create fashion from a war.”

In the shadow of the criticism, the advertisement for the new jewel features Hollywood actress Alicia Wickender, American hip-hop artist Kid Cody and Chinese actress Gina Jin. It remains only to wait and see if they too will be criticized following their participation in the commercial.

It is important to note that the jewelry designer, Francesca Ampitatrov, first introduced the bracelet in this design on February 5, even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition, the French fashion house has already closed 124 Louis Vuitton boutiques across Russia.

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