Ticket sales exploded

On Saturday, the performance ‘No Regrets’, which is based on Stig Tøfting’s book, premieres. However, the performance already writes theater history as the best-selling premiere at the theater ‘Svalegangen’ in Aarhus.

At the same time, data from ticket sales show that the show attracts new guests who are not among the ‘normal’ theater-goers.

The director and artistic director of Svalegangen are also very satisfied with the ticket sales.

– I have been accused of ‘guaranteeing that we’re just doing this show to sell tickets.’ And yes, the opposite would be completely insane. Of course we want a lot of people to come in and see our theater performances, but we do it through good, thought-provoking stories, says Per Smedegaard to Århus Stiftstidende.

A wild life
The main character Stig Tøfting understands well that the show has already sold so many tickets.

– I think the ticket sales are because it is interesting. The book on which it is based is also the best-selling sports biography in Denmark, so it is well connected. But I can not read people’s thoughts, says Stig Tøfting to Ekstra Bladet and continues.

– Of course, people think that the book was interesting because something has happened in my life that may not happen to the average Dane. Such as losing his parents, losing his child and smoking in prison. At the same time as having a professional football career.

Stig Tøfting made his debut on the Danish A national team as a 24-year-old. Photo: Lars Poulsen

Haven’t seen the show yet
Despite the fact that the play is based on Stig Tøfting’s life, he has not seen the whole performance yet.

– I have said no to seeing the whole show before the premiere. Because I want it up front just like the rest of the audience, says Stig Tøfting.

He can therefore expect the same excitement as all the other theater guests when the premiere is staged on Saturday.

And Stig Tøfting has full confidence in the theater people behind the production.

– I’m not a theater goer as such, but I’m completely calm with this performance. Because they have put hard work into it, says Stig Tøfting.

Takes it like a shrug
Stig Tøfting is positive that the performance will be made.

– I just take it as a shrug that they make my book into a show. Because they could do anything else. At the same time, I am incredibly happy on behalf of ‘Svalegangs’ that they can sell so many tickets, and that the actors are also allowed to play for sold-out houses, says Stig Tøfting.

He himself has been involved in various elements of the performance, but the most important thing has been that the theatrical performance is not too far from the book’s narrative.

– It should not be the case that you go in and see the play and then come out with the feeling that it is a completely different book you have read. It has been most important that the theatrical performance is true to the book. But of course they must have their artistic freedom, says Stig Tøfting.

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