Michèle Bellaiche is now back as a regular host on TV 2

Bellaiche is back again as a regular host on TV 2. Video: Nanna Bay

Back in 2018, one of TV 2’s big darlings – the well-known host Michèle Bellaiche – told that she stopped on the channel and no longer had to host ‘Go’ evening ‘Denmark’, after she had been in the host chair for 11 years.

– The reason is simple: I have a strong desire to become more free and throw myself into new challenges and collaborations and have time to do something about the ideas that are constantly pushing in my head to be allowed to unfold , it sounded from Bellaiche, who later jumped into a working life as a freelancer.

Since then, however, she has regularly returned to TV 2 and the ‘Go’ programs as a substitute.

But when Ekstra Bladet met her on Saturday night for the TV Prize 2022 at Tivoli Hotel, 49-year-old Bellaiche revealed that she has now been re-employed on TV 2, after her colleague Puk Elgård has chosen to stop on ‘Go’ tomorrow Denmark ‘.

– I have been really busy, because I have started on ‘Go’ tomorrow ‘on the weekends. I replace Puk, after she stopped, it sounded from a happy Bellaiche.

Bellaiche is really happy to be back on TV 2. Photo: Emil Agerskov

Fits her well
The experienced host further said that it suits her really well to get up early on the weekends, as it requires to host ‘Go’ tomorrow Denmark ‘.

– We broadcast live on Saturday, and then we record Sunday’s program on film afterwards. I think it suits me really well, because I have so much free time on weekdays, and it suits me really well, she said and went on to say that it obviously sets some limits for the weekends:

– If I really want to, I can do something on Saturday night, if I go home and sleep, but you’m pretty tired, so on Friday night I can not really do anything, but then I can do it all sorts of other days of the week. So I’m actually quite happy about that.

– Then we also have a little longer time to prepare, and I also like that very much, because we are not from day to day.

Michèle Bellaiche especially enjoys being back in the company of good colleagues, she makes it clear.

– My partners Steen and Mikkel (Steen Langeberg and Mikkel Kryger, eds.), We only have one party. The two regular mates are insanely fat, and that means damn something when we have to get up so early. The team can do a lot, she said and continued:

– It means a lot to have good colleagues. It makes all the difference, she said with a smile.

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