A storm following William and Kate’s visit to Jamaica
Prince William and Kate Middleton embarked on an eight-day visit to the Caribbean, where they celebrated the Plateau Jubilee for the reign of Elizabeth II. The visit was accompanied by stormy demonstrations and much public criticism – and now comes the network storm
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Prince William and Kate Middleton paid an eight-day visit to the Caribbean, marking the Plateau Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The controversial visit was accompanied by quite a bit of public criticism and widespread demonstrations in the country, and now the network is in turmoil over the problematic images from the two’s visit to the country.

William and Kate came to visit accompanied by heavy security, and “won” traditional receptions. William and Kate marched in front of a crowd of children standing behind a metal fence. The harsh images, it must be said, are reminiscent of ugly moments in the history of the British nation, which has maintained an extensive slave array in Jamaica over the centuries.

“From the royal family who brought you these pictures,” wrote one of the surfers about past pictures of Kate, who is carried on a throne by a number of locals. “Now they bring you level 2 racism.” “When William and Kate are photographed with children who appear to be imprisoned behind a fence – what message does this send to that white girl? That racism is paramount.”

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