Kim Kardashian | Pete did a huge tattoo for her
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson will celebrate half a year of dating next month, and in the meantime they continue to show off their enviable relationship. Now the star has unveiled another tattoo that Pete did for her, this time – in a place that everyone can see
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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are a real thing that has been happening in the world for close to five months. After an official launch on social media (plus a tattoo on Pete’s body with Kim’s name), the 41-year-old star is now revealing another tattoo that Davidson did for her – this time, more literally than ever.

Kim shared with her 295 million followers another tattoo that Pete did for her, in a tattoo-free area above the clavicle. Pete engraved on his body the words “My girl is a lawyer,” referring, of course, to the new lawyer in the swamp, Mrs. Kim Kardashian.

In an interview with Alan DeGeneres earlier this month, Kim revealed that Pete has * a number of tattoos * dedicated to her. “He has some tattoos. They are small and cute,” she said. “My favorite is ‘My Girl is a Lawyer.'” Definitely glad we got to see him.

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