The director 'While you are you' dedicates the Goya for best documentary to 900,000 people who suffer from dementia in Spain

The Venezuelan director Claudia Pinto (c), accompanied by the team of the documentary While You Are, the Here and Now by Carme Elias, poses with the Goya for Best Documentary Film – Raúl Terrel – Europa Press

Claudia Pinto director of the documentary ‘As long as it’s you. The here and now of Carme Elías’ awarded the Goya in this category, has dedicated this award to the 900,000 people who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other dementias in Spain.

“They are people who suffer in silence and this goes for them and also for all the families who support them. Sometimes cinema sustains us in such difficult times“said the filmmaker, who also dedicated the award to Elías herself, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s for four years.

I didn’t know you could be so sad and happy at the same time. Carmen, I know that you are very happy and you are listening to us and these applauses are also for you, for your courage, your generosity and all the love for your profession,” he indicated. Pinto’s team sang him happy birthday on stage to the director. “Carme already told me yesterday that if she won it would be my gift and if not, she would go out and buy me something”it is finished.

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