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Poronuoret, written by Laura Satimus, Elina Ala-Korpula and Xia Torika, is a refreshing new program.

From frozen a person from the south putting a bag of reindeer jerky on a pan to fry rarely thinks about everything that can be related to the life of reindeer and reindeer husbandry – unless they have first-hand experience of the northern way of life.

Laura Satimus guided by and together Elina Ala-Korpulan and Xia Torikan co-written by Young reindeer is in many ways a refreshing new program.

A 20-year-old student has been selected as the main characters Sunna From Karesuvanto and the same age Violafrom Sodankylä studying in Alta, Norway.

The one from Lusua Alex, 27, spends his last night off in the opening episode. A couple of months of busy work awaits the foreman in September.

The boy is sometimes saddened by loneliness.

“Next winter, it might be a dream to find a woman by your side who understands reindeer husbandry and with whom you can share everyday life.”

“Equally Veeraa I’ve been meeting for a month, but it’s a difficult situation to explain, whether it’s going forward or taking a back seat”, Aleksi unpacks his thoughts in the second episode.



Eero continues the reindeer business of his spouse Riikka’s father. The family is completed by two sons.

The family member of the four protagonists is Aleksi’s age Eero, who is from Tornio. He has and Riga-spouse, 26, has two lively little boys.

“From my own childhood, I realized that my father was not at birthday parties, and once in the summer we were together somewhere for maybe a week,” says Riikka.

“In a way, it reflected the fact that if I ever have children with the reindeer husband, it’s so much alone. And that’s why we have a lot of arguments at times.”

However, Riikka is proud, because without Eero, reindeer husbandry would not have continued in the family. Appiukko asked Eero if he would continue.

“It has been extremely difficult to join. That’s what you think about the acceptance of others, when a person from Lanta has come to get involved,” says Eero.

“I’ve heard that you have to be born into this work, and you have to grow and live in it, so that you can internalize it.”

ATVs move effortlessly in Lapland’s terrain, when in the fall they gather for reindeer herding. A helicopter also flies in to help, so that the reindeer that have spread across the borehole can be gathered from the forest into the sheds.

“The owner can be seen from the ear tag. This decides which ones go to the slaughter and which ones live on. They get back to nature,” explains Aleksi, who gets into the helicopter himself for the first time.

For Aleks, the work of a foreman has been like growing up. In the second episode, Aleksi sheds light on the current state of business.

“Expenses have risen, and the price of feed has almost doubled. The forests have been cut down and processed, and the reindeer don’t dig lichen as they used to. They have to be fed at home. Now the reindeer husband has to take care of the reindeer and not the other way around.”

A wake-up call at half past four in the morning; Aleksi goes to the cutting room for meat work.

“A large part of the income comes through this table.”

In the separation, Aleksi has already crystallized the content of the work.

“Bad job and bad pay. This is done for the love of the sport.”

Viola has loved reindeer care since she was a child, and she wants to be able to collect reindeer and ride an ATV.

“Reindeer care is a whole life. I’ve grown up there, I’ve walked there since I was little. It is all that I am and all” that I have.

Viola is worried about her 75-year-old guarantee From Lauriwho has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.

“What if he doesn’t remember me someday.”

Reindeer have always been part of Sunnan’s life.

“Reindeer herding is a way of life, we have grown up with it. Even as a child, I waited for them to come home. It could have been a name or they were home care workers.”

Sunna, who works as an electrician, could study to become an electrical engineer, but she would also be interested in working as a school curator.

Thomas-father also encourages to read and study as much as possible.

One, but Sunna has one, if the studies take you to Oulu or Kemi.

“It’s stressful to move into a small apartment after living in a big house.”

Eero is unlucky in the second separation, when a moose kicks him in the left leg.

“At the worst possible time, this is a pretty bad deal. I fell on my foot again, there was a pop.”

The damage is known to Riika’s spouse reindeer work. Coming alone in the separation camp already makes me think.

“As long as the reindeer had a head, I felt miserable myself. When you get the head off and it started to peel, there’s nothing left. But when the rough ones had been removed and the hammers were left, I said that I would not come to the stun booth anymore.

Poronuoret, TV2 at 21:00.

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