Beyoncé takes advantage of the Super Bowl to announce the release of her new album, “Renaissance: Act II”

He was the other superstar of the Super Bowl. While the presence of Taylor Swift in the stands and then on the pitch at the end of the match attracted all eyes, Beyoncé also stole the show from Usher, who was performing during halftime, by announcing via a series of advertisements for the release of a new album during the final of the high mass of American football.

This new opus will be released on March 29 and will be 100% country, far from the house and pop hits of “Renaissance: Part I”. Entitled “Renaissance: Act II”, it will therefore be the second part of what should indeed be a triptych.

This surprise announcement was made at the end of the famous advertising spot for the operator Verizon, in which we see the singer announcing her intention to “break the Internet” thanks to a whole series of sketches and other stagings. At the end of it, we hear “Queen B” say “Okay, release the new music”.

Posted immediately on his Instagram account, the video already had nearly 22 million views just 7 hours after its publication on the social network.


At the same time, his fans were also able to discover two intimate country tracks on streaming platforms, light years away from his latest very danceable opus. The first title, “Texas Hold’Em”, mixes acoustic guitars and bass drums while the second, “16 Carriages”, is already considered one of Beyoncé’s most “personal” songs, which returns to the precocity of his career began 27 years ago, at the age of 15.

Six hours after their publication on YouTube, the two clips by the 42-year-old artist each have nearly 500,000 views, a great performance which, however, has not completely “broken the Internet”, on the scale of Beyoncé…

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