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The Eurovision Song Contest takes place from 7 to 11. May in Malmö.


Windows95man and Henri Piispanen won this year’s New Music Competition. This year, UMK visited Tampere’s Nokia Arena. The UMK winner basically represents Finland in Eurovision. Windows95man and Piispanen got a total of 313 points.

Came second in the competition Sara Siipola with 273 points and third Mikael Gabriel mixed Nublu with 178 points.

This year, Eurovision will be held in Malmö from 7 to 11. May.

In Finland and also in several other European countries, countries have been demanded to boycott Eurovision if Israel participates in them. The boycott demands are related to Israel’s actions in the Gaza war.

Windows95man, by real name Teemu Keisteriand Piispanen told earlier in the eveningthat they will participate in Eurovision, even if Israel participates.

UMK WINNER was chosen again this year by the unanimous votes of the viewers and the international jury. The weight of the points awarded by the international jury was 25 percent and the weight of the public votes 75 percent.

Sara Siipola got the most points from the international races, Cyan Kicks got the second most and Mikael Gabriel and Nublu got the third most. On the other hand, Windows95man got the fewest points in international competitions.

The points of the international jury were given by the representatives of seven countries. Armenia, Spain, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Great Britain and Sweden participated.

Windows95man clearly got the most votes from the public, the second most went to Sara Siipola and the third most went to Mikael Gabriel and Nublu.



Teemu Keisteri and Henri Piispanen celebrate their surprising victory.

I win after Keisteri and Piispanen commented on their victory in a press conference. Both said they were totally surprised by their win.

“We hadn’t planned this,” said Piispanen, who initially didn’t even think he would sing the final version of the song.

Keisteri explained to reporters how they were in last place after the judges’ votes and didn’t think they could come out on top with audience points.

“After getting the public votes, I thought we were in the top three. Then I thought that we are at the top of the two and that Sara Siipola will win UMK. Then there was a blackout,” Keisteri said.

“There was a squeal coming from the head at that point. Everything broke,” continued Piispanen.

The duo may still have to think about which artist name they can use to participate in Eurovision. The singing competition has regulations on how the brands may be displayed. Even before the victory, Keisteri hinted that they have plans for a possible UMK victory and going to the Eurovision Song Contest. After the victory, he did not agree to tell more about the plans.

“Now the hard work begins. This character is strong and it doesn’t matter what the shirt says.”

UMK:hon participated this year Here Sabotage with a song Peel mewith the song Cyan Kicks Dancing With Demons, Jesse Markin with a song GlowMikael Gabriel and Nublu with a song The voice of the peopleSara Siipola with the song Shit, Sexmane with a song Mania and Windows95man with a song by Henri Piispanen No Rules.

Last year, Finland was represented at Eurovision Wrapper with a song Cha cha cha. Käärijä received the most public votes, but Sweden came in second For Loreen.

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