“That the Cañada Real plays at the Goya has been a source of pride for all the neighbors”

Neighbors of Cañada Real Galiana have celebrated that last Saturday, in the 38th edition of the Goya Awards, the situation of more than 4,000 people, 1,800 of them children, in Cañada Real who have lived for more than three years, was made visible. years without light. This was possible thanks to the short film about the Cañada Real ‘Although it is at night’, by Guillermo García, which won the Goya for Best Fiction Short Film.

“That the Cañada Real plays at the Goya has been a source of pride for all the residents, it has been a magical night in every sense and the truth is that we have experienced it with a lot of emotion,” said the president of the Cultural Association. of Tabadol Women from sector VI of the Cañada Real Galiana, Houda Akrikez, in statements to Europa Press.

When he went up to collect the award, the director of the short film warned that the situation that has been experienced in Cañada Real for almost three and a half years is “a flagrant violation of Human Rights.” “Let us assume our responsibilities and our privileges,” he added.

For the neighbors of Cañada Real “to feel that Guillermo, the director of the short film, is taking all the neighbors there to the Goya stage and talking about the situation in Cañada Real and having thousands of people listen to him, “That in itself is a triumph.”

Furthermore, as Houda Akrikez points out, it is “a highly deserved award” for the “human, heartfelt, close and friendly work with the neighborhood” that the film team has done to “make visible the situation of Cañada Real through the art and culture”.

It has also highlighted the participation in the ‘film’ of non-professional actors and actresses, who are residents of the Cañada Real, such as the protagonist children, Toni and Nasser, who went up to collect the Goya with the director and who were “very brave” greeting the Cañada Real and “giving visibility”, showing that there “also exists art” and “people who want to get ahead”, as Akrikez has emphasized.

In addition to the Goya, the president of the Tabadol Women’s Cultural Association feels “hope” for other events that they have experienced recently or that are going to happen in the coming days.

Thus, he highlighted that this Tuesday they will receive a visit in Cañada Real from the subdelegate of the Government in Madrid, Pilar Trinidad Núñez, and on the other hand, on Thursday, February 15, they will gather in front of the office of the commissioner of the Community of Madrid to request electricity contracts. Likewise, Akrikez has highlighted the award to the Sira Center for its study ‘La Cañada Responde’.

“These are very exciting days, days with a lot of hope, with a lot of joy and with a lot of desire to continue fighting and see that we are almost at the end of the tunnel, that many things are coming together, many things are coming out and we hope it is for the better and so that the problems of Cañada Real are solved,” he stressed.

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