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Ralph Fiennes thinks shock belongs to the theater.

Theaters content warnings should be waived, says the veteran actor Ralph Fiennes.

Fiennes shared his thoughts on the current culture of content warnings on BBC One’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg program on Sunday. Reported about it The Guardian.

According to the British actor, shock is part of the theater experience.

Content warnings have become more common at cultural events, such as plays. The purpose of the content warning is to inform the public that the show may cause, for example, uncomfortable feelings.

Bafta award winning Fiennes is remembered, among other things, for the role of Voldemort Harry Potter – in films and about the Holocaust Schindler’s List from the movie (1993).

Fiennes is currently appearing in the touring play Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s classic tragedies.

“We didn’t have content warnings before. Macbeth has very disturbing scenes, brutal murders and that sort of thing,” Fiennes said on the BBC programme.

“I think the effect of theater is precisely that the viewer is shocked and disturbed. You shouldn’t expect them. “

There are also content warnings for physical health hazards. For example, it is important for a viewer with epilepsy to know if the show contains flashing lights. Such warnings are still worth Fiennes.

of The Guardian according to Fiennes is not the first actor to criticize content warnings. Also Ian McKellen and Christopher Biggins have expressed frustration with the warnings.

“I think it’s absurd. I like to be surprised by loud sounds or outrageous behavior on stage,” McKellen said in an interview with Sky News.

Biggins took a stand on the subject when London’s Globe Theater issued content warnings before Shakespeare Romeo ja Julia -play.

“Does everything under the sun have to be warned about? It’s a joke. It offends the thinking of theatergoers,” he said.

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