“They make me look like a monster”: targeted by accusations of sexual violence, comedian Seb Mellia speaks out

French comedian Seb Mellia, targeted by accusations of sexual violence by around twenty women on social networks since January, spoke out this Sunday on his Instagram account, after several weeks of silence.

“I took a while to speak because what I experienced was traumatic,” he confides, in front of the camera, via his Stories, ephemeral videos. I’ve never experienced something so violent. »

More than twenty testimonials

On January 12, Belgian comedian Florence Mendez revealed on her social networks that she had received testimonies from four women about Seb Mellia, recounting physically and verbally violent behavior, describing non-consensual, even violent sexual relations. At the end of January, she finally recalled more than twenty testimonies, claiming to have left the hand to journalists investigating the subject and encouraging the alleged victims to file a complaint.


This affair led to a movement to free speech on social networks, #MeTooStandUp. Seb Mellia finally spoke on January 22 on his Instagram account. “My silence is not a confession,” he wrote. If I may have offended some of my partners in the past, and unintentionally, through inappropriate behavior, I deeply regret it and apologize to them. However, there are lines that I have never crossed and I deny all accusations of rape in any way. »

“I will let justice take its course”

This Sunday, he again denied the accusations made against him. “They make me look like a monster. I see descriptions made of me but those who have been around me know that it is not true,” assures the comedian, who worked at the Jamel Comedy Club.

“I’m going to let justice take its course because I don’t know who is attacking me: these are anonymous testimonies. I saw a testimony, I was able to debunker it, explains Seb Mellia, indicating that he had a “depression”. It may seem easy to say let’s let justice take its course but I can’t do anything else. » And added: “It’s like terrorists: they arrive, they are sure of their ideology, they know what they are doing and they destroy everything. »


“What drives me crazy are the opportunists, who are using this story to gain coverage, to create buzz, it’s absolutely disgusting,” he laments again. Whether boys or girls. »

Its show dates maintained

“I’m going to try to rebuild myself a little,” concludes the comedian, confirming the maintenance of his show dates and announcing the reopening of his YouTube channel.

He was heckled on stage during his performance in the Cirque Royal hall in Brussels on January 13. Activists had gathered in front of the room and some demonstrators managed to enter to disrupt the show.

In Bordeaux, on January 19, his arrival caused an action by feminist splicers. “Depardieu, Mellia same fight” and “Victims we believe you, Mellia, we see you”, could we read on the walls near the Femina theater which hosted the performance. In Toulouse, his show scheduled for February 1 had been postponed.

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