On the way out of the crisis
DAD drummer Laust Sonne and his actress wife, Maria Erwolter, have once again started their careers and thus their earnings, after they had to move from house to house for financial reasons and occupy a holiday home in Sweden during the pandemic. See video in the article

The corona pandemic has affected many people in the two years that have passed since the disease really broke out.

This also applies to, among others, DAD drummer Laust Sonne and his partner of 13 years – wife through eight – the actress Maria Erwolter, who was extraordinarily hit on the wallet as a result of the shutdowns.

Thus, earlier in the summer of 2020, Ekstra Bladet wrote that the musician and his partner had to sell their apartment and move into a holiday home in Sweden as a consequence of covid-19 – simply because they had no earnings for a long time and therefore could not afford to stay. .

Erwolter had limited acting jobs in an industry where productions were extraordinarily hard hit due to fear of contagion, and the drum-playing rock musician had to watch all concerts with DAD be either canceled or postponed into the uncertain as a result of assembly bans and more.

But now better times are on the way.

Maria Erwolter tells this when she – without Laust, but with his daughter Ava by her side – trooped up to the premiere of the musical ‘She Loves You’ in Tivoli’s Concert Hall.

– In 2021, I was so lucky to get a huge role in a foreign Netflix series, so it did quite a lot financially. So now we are on our way out of the crisis. It was just a difficult crisis to face when you are independent, so because I kind of worked in 2021, we have had the opportunity to move back to Denmark and get our own here now. The series is called ‘1899’ and is a new major Netflix series.

– So back to normal?

– It never is, because now some debt has to be paid off.

– But Laust has probably also started playing again with DAD?

– By the end of May, they actually start up like this for the first time (after the shutdowns, ed.).

– So no more holiday homes in Sweden?

– Ha-ha, no no more year-round holiday home in Sweden right now, no.

Laust himself has become an actor and, according to Maria Erwolter, is busy playing on Aveny-T in a performance that runs until the end of May, which is why he did not attend the premiere.

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