Cheers after cancer test

TV doctor Charlotte Bøving received really good news the other day.

The incurable bowel cancer that she has been living with for five years has not developed in a negative direction.

She says this in a post on Instagram.

‘Then came the nicest message from Skejby Hospital… scans of both chest and abdomen still show no signs of relapse – thus my monthly injection of medicine keeps my disease in check… I am grateful’, it sounds from Bøving, who at the same time among second thanks his doctors.

‘Not my turn yet’
The 54-year-old TV doctor tells Ekstra Bladet that she is very happy on top of the new studies that have shown good rates.

– Overall, I feel good, and there are very few things that remind me in everyday life that I am ill. I get a monthly injection to keep metastases and cancer cells down, and that mission is successful, she says happily and continues:

– On the scans you can not see any cancer cells, and that is a really good sign. But I also get blood samples taken for these checks, and the latest one shows that there are still cancer cells, but my number is rising very, very slowly. It’s good, because it means it’s not my turn yet, she says with a smile.

Charlotte Bøving with her wife, Christina. Photo: Linda Johansen

Never gets well
Charlotte Bøving says, however, that despite the good results from the latest studies, she is never declared healthy or cancer-free.

– I’m not healthy, nor will I ever be. This is not possible with the development of my disease. But I can keep it in check, and it is going well so far, it sounds from Bøving, which continues:

– I feel good and live an ordinary life in many ways. Although I can feel that I do not have the same energy as before I became ill.

– The injection I receive inhibits my growth hormone, and this means that I have to work extra hard to maintain my muscle mass, so even though I have a good life, I am constantly reminded that I am ill and that life is not lasts forever. But as long as I can push the hump in front of me, it’s great.

According to Bøving, her situation means that she is very conscious of working purposefully to spread the message that you must live your life while you have the chance.

– We live life every day and we want to inspire others. It is so important that we remember to live life, enjoy it and appreciate it, because you never know how it will end, and it must be my input to everyone with and without diagnoses, says Bøving, who together with his wife , Christina, is currently writing a book about death.

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