Noemí Merlant: “The Oscar thing is depressing, once again women are objectified”

The actress Noemí Merlant one of the protagonists of the new film by Jacques Audiard ‘Paris, District 13’ which opens in theaters on April 8, believes that what happened in the past Oscars, with la bofetada de Will Smith a Chris Rockis something “depressing” and that “shows once again the objectified woman“.

It is really as if they have staged what is machismo and toxic masculinity. A man who makes a very bad joke about a woman (Jada Pinkett Smith) and another who he plays the violent combative savior to protect his wife“, the French interpreter has pointed out in an interview with Europa Press.

For the actress, neither Will Smith nor Rock are “saved” from that “depressing” performance. “I can not understand why that joke was made, which is in very bad taste, but violence is not a solution either. In this life you can laugh at everything, but you have to have a certain intuition and know how far you can go” , has pointed.

Merlant believes that the images seen at the Hollywood gala “gave the impression of being from another era.” “Perhaps the only good thing is that it has provoked a lot of positive reactions, but there are also many men who believe that Smith was right and they do not quite understand what the problem is“, he lamented.

Precisely, in ‘París, Distrito 13’ Merlant plays a woman who tries to rebuild her life in her thirties, without managing to find her place, neither professionally nor emotionally. In between, cross-relationships will emerge that force the protagonists to rethink their priorities.

My character is threatened by the desire of society. What I liked about this film is that love has always been talked about in conflicting and fictional relationships, with women as the object. But here, women are in search of love for themselves and for their desires, they are not passive subjects “, she has defended.

In her role, she is harassed by a case of ‘cyberbullying’ and will only find relief in her virtual encounters with another person. Merlant, who has social networks and considers them “very useful”, also understands that they can “become like a drug”. “We are all addicts in a certain way”, she has emphasized herself.

“I try not to disconnect from what is happening in the world and that is why I use social networks. If you do not connect, you do not know what is happening: It seems essential to me to have access to the networks and what should be achieved is that they do not end up contaminating“, he pointed out. In any case, Merlant also defends the importance of finding moments of disconnection.

“We have not learned to be alone and loneliness is not bad, on the contrary,” he stressed. Merlant, who is working for the first time under the orders of Audiard – a director with recognized works such as those of ‘A prophet’ – has described the filmmaker as “a genius who knows how to listen”.

It is not his first film with women and it seems to me that he feels very comfortable in these situations, empathizes with the other and leaves room for the screenwriters and actresses. Also, I don’t know how he would have been on other sets, but here I’ve seen him hesitate often, and that’s great for a director.”

He has also participated in the latest film by the Spanish Isaki Lacuesta, ‘One year, one night’, for whom he also only has good words –“We are not into toxic masculinity, he has all the talent in the world and a great desire to share knowledge“–. In addition, he has admitted a recurring desire on the international circuit, that of working with Pedro Almodóvar.

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