Nicki Bille convicted in new violence case

Then it went no further.

Former footballer Nicki Bille has been sentenced to five months unconditional imprisonment for violence. The verdict was handed down on Wednesday at the Copenhagen City Court, where Bille had not appeared himself.

He has been convicted under section 244 of the Criminal Code, which deals with so-called ‘ordinary violence’ and has a sentence of up to three years in prison.

In addition, Nicki Bille has been sentenced to a ban on staying in the nightlife from midnight until five o’clock for a period of six months. Nicki Bille must also pay the costs of the case.

Nicki Bille’s defense counsel reserved the right to appeal the case, as Nicki Bille was not present and therefore could not take a position on this.

Struck in the back of the head
Nicki Bille was charged with hitting someone in the head at the Dorsia nightclub on the night of Sunday, November 28, 2021.

The victim even testified in court on Wednesday, and it is a young, dark-haired man with short hair who goes to high school.

He could explain that they were at a friend’s birthday party and that they were therefore a party of 10-15 people who had booked a table together at the nightclub. The victim himself first arrived between 22 and 23 in the evening and he was not severely affected by alcohol during the evening, he explained.

The victim was aware that Nicki Bille was present and he could recognize him on the dance floor. According to the explanation, a commotion arose on the same dance floor, which led to a person being punched in the face. Subsequently, the victim is beaten from behind by a person he himself designated as Nicki Bille.

The victim explained that the blow fell just over the ear on the left side of the back of his head, while his comrade, who also testified in the case, explained that the blow fell in the middle of the back of his head. The same comrade otherwise explained in his police interrogation that the blow fell in the face.

Both witnesses say that it was a single blow with a clenched fist and that Nicki Bille was standing right behind them.

Nicki Bille had not himself appeared in court when he was allegedly ill, and therefore he has not, by its nature, given an explanation either.

Not less than six months
According to the prosecutor, it is established practice that it costs 40 days in prison to commit violence with a clenched fist, but according to section 247, the penalty for repetition can be increased by up to half of the previous sentence.

The prosecutor therefore wanted three to four months in prison for the affair of violence. In addition, the affair has been committed while Nicki Bille has previously suspended sentences which the Prosecution believes should be triggered.

In total, therefore, the prosecution requested a sentence of not less than six months’ unconditional imprisonment.

The prosecutor further explained that he found the two witnesses credible because they could both recognize Nicki Bille, whom they know from television, and that they both explained that they had not consumed large amounts of alcohol.

Demanded acquittal
Defender Asser Gregersen, on the other hand, filed a claim for acquittal. He did so, claiming that it could not be established from the testimony of the witnesses that it was Nicki Bille who had beaten the victim, and that it was not possible to watch the video surveillance either.

Nicki Bille’s defender did not doubt that there had been riots and violence at the nightclub, but that there had not been sufficient evidence that Nicki Bille was the perpetrator.

However, the court came to the conclusion that Nicki Bille should be convicted in the case.

Nicki Bille has been involved in several lawsuits. In 2019, he was in court in a sensational case where Bille himself had been shot in the forearm with a sawn-off shotgun in his own home. You can read much more about this here.

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