2016 was the last year we saw Barack Obama in the White House, and since then the longings have only grown. The hottest president in the United States celebrated his 60th birthday last week, and since then he has not stopped celebrating. What did the coveted giant parties look like? Famous laden, Hawaiian shirts and branded napkins.

The president began the birthday celebrations last Friday, then the president timed dozens of guests to the prestigious resort, Winnetu Oceanside for an elegant cocktail party. Of course, the first party was attended by all the invited celebs and close friends of Obama, but the really interesting list is the list of 475 guests invited to the former president’s huge party – a list that was slightly reduced due to the corona restrictions.

About 400 guests arrived at the Obamaz’s magnificent mansion in Martha’s Vineyard to celebrate with the former president his 60th birthday. Guests came to the party with Hawaiian shirts, and enjoyed Hawaiian food, indulgent cocktails and quite a few bottles of Hennessy. Participants were asked not to record the party on their mobile phones, but photos of the DJs playing at the party and of several guests leaked to the networks – providing a glimpse into the hottest party of the year.

On the guest list: Chrissie Tigan and her husband, John Legend, Beyonce and Jay.Z, Bradley Cooper, Tom Hanks, Erica Bado, Elisha Keys, Oprah Winfrey (who left early due to fears of the various variants) and many more. The huge event started on Saturday in the early evening and lasted until the wee hours of the night, with live performances, a dance party and lots of fun.

Obama’s party was supposed to be much larger than the party that took place, but due to Corona’s restrictions the guest list was reduced, and so Obama’s close adviser, David Axelrod, found himself out of the party, along with David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and Larry David. At the end of the event, a huge traffic jam formed outside Obama’s home, where hundreds of cars stood for long hours into the night.

Yesterday (Sunday) Obama continued the festivities with a relaxed brunch attended by dozens of friends and relatives, and despite the meticulous button.down shirt and tight.fitting look we love so much, the hangover on the former president’s face was noticeable. Diligent photographers documented Obama staring into space just before the pampering meal, surrounded by his closest friends.

The party continues! Obama’s 60th celebrations roll into third day with a birthday brunch with Oprah | Daily Mail Online https://t.co/8uOPEIhvHq

. ChristianPatriot (@ESpann4Truth) August 8, 2021

Moments after the huge events and leaked photos, no small storm arose in the United States. Many criticized the former president for the huge party he organized without masks and protective gear at all, at the height of a fourth wave beginning all over the world. The hashtag #obamavarient (variant Obama) has become a hot topic on Twitter, and many criticized the president for his party, even though all participants were vaccinated and with negative tests for the virus.

He is finally evolved, his forms are endless, there will be more variants of the obama gene pic.twitter.com/2wT254HJZu

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Obama setting the example on Saturday with a huge 60th birthday party pic.twitter.com/cAvmWSZ3qE

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