Does not appear in court
Nicki Bille has not appeared in court on Wednesday, where he is charged with violence

Nicki Bille has been charged in a new case of violence, which is before the court on Wednesday at the Copenhagen City Court. The main character himself has not shown up as he is allegedly ill. Photo: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen

On Wednesday, Nicki Bille was to appear in court in Copenhagen City Court, where he is charged with violence.

But the main character himself has not shown up as he is reportedly ill.

He was met with demands for a medical certificate, and the defender could tell that Nicki Bille says he has had contact with his doctor, who would give him a medical certificate, but that it had not yet come when the court was set.

Prosecutors argued that no legal default has been documented yet and that the case should therefore proceed as planned as witnesses appear soon.

The court chose to comply, and the case therefore continues without Nicki Bille’s presence.

Defendant argued that Nicki Bille has done what he could to get a medical certificate on time.

Nicki Bille is accused of punching a person in the face with a fist at a nightclub last November. At the same time, the prosecutor has raised a demand for a ban on staying in the nightlife between midnight and five o’clock in the morning for an as yet undefined period.

He is also charged under section 247, which deals with repetition. Nicki Bille has a previous suspended sentence for violence, which is why he risks an unconditional prison sentence this time around.

The case thus continues in court as planned, and here the defense counsel has a claim for acquittal for both violence and a ban on staying in the nightlife.

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