Even though they left the White House nearly six months ago, we at – Celebs still make sure to keep you updated on anything that is happening with the Trump family. After we told you about paparazzi photos of Trump and Melania in Florida, and then also of his daughter, Ivanka, now it’s Tiffany’s turn to make headlines – and she’s doing it in style.

Trump’s youngest daughter, just 27, is already engaged to choose her heart and is looking forward to her exciting wedding. Tiffany and her partner, Michael, moved with the rest of the family to Florida last January, and now they were caught on the football field watching a coveted game.

Cheerleader. Tapani Trump | Photo: getty images
Tiffany Trump (Photo: getty images)
The new selfie queen? | Photo: getty images

Tiffany wore a short white dress and took a Gucci pink bag with her. The former president’s daughter sat next to her partner and another friend in the front row of the crowd, took an active part in cheering the teams, posed for pictures with her friend and cheered as her side scored a happy goal.

Tiffany is engaged to her partner on the day of the inauguration of the current US President – Joe Biden. “I had the honor of marking a lot of milestones, historical events, and producing memories with my family at the White House,” she wrote. “But nothing was more special than the engagements to my amazing partner, Michael. Feeling blessed and excited for the next episode.“

Tiffany Trump (Photo: getty images)
A million dollar smile. Tiffany Trump | Photo: getty images

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