Kim Kardashian, the style queen of the Hollywood swamp, allows herself to knock out very surprising looks whenever she just wants to. But for her eldest daughter’s last look – no one was ready

Although they separated and began divorce proceedings, Kim Kardashian and Kenya West continue to maintain a close and supportive relationship, while raising their four children together in shared parenting. This week Kenya hosted quite a few play parties for his new album, “Donda”, and Kim and the kids came to the mountains. At the last event – many raised an eyebrow at the pictures of Little North.

Kim uploaded a series of photos to her Instagram page with her sweet children sitting together in the audience of the play party. In one of the photos, Kim was photographed with her eldest daughter, North, who had quite a few fake tattoos on her face that surprised the surfers (and, to be honest, us too). North matched the look to her mother and wore black from head to toe, and in one of the following photos she actually looked like a little lady.

Many comments were added to the photos Sack shared, which mostly lifted North on the incredibly mature and black look. In another picture that came up we rubbed our eyes from the great imagination of Kim and her eldest daughter, who stood with straight hair and sunglasses and looked really, really like Kim. Curious to see you grow up, Northy.

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