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Patricia Hitchcock, actress and director’s daughter Alfred Hitchcock, has died this Monday at the age of 93 at his home in Sherman Oaks, California.

The interpreter, whose death has been reported by The Hollywood Reporter, was born in London in 1928, being the only daughter of the filmmaker and his wife Alma Reville. After moving to the United States, when his father was hired by David O. Selznick to drive ‘Rebeca’, began to act as a teenager in Broadway musicals such as ‘Solitaire’ or ‘Violet’ from 1943, sponsored by the director.

Most of the actress’s appearances, both on the big screen and on television, were in films and series directed or produced by Alfred Hitchcock. In fact, his first participation in a feature film released in theaters was in ‘Panic on the scene’ (1950), where he gave life to the student Chubby Bannister.

After this, he made two more appearances in the films of the creator of ‘With death on his heels’, specifically, it was seen in ‘Psychosis’ (1960) and in ‘Strangers on a train’ (1951), where she plays Ruth Roman, the young woman who unleashes with her candid face and huge glasses the memory of the last murder committed by the villain she embodies Robert Walker.

One of his few leading roles was in the fifth episode of the first season of ‘Alfred Hitchcock presenta’, titled ‘The missing lady’, which in turn was a new adaptation of the story that inspired his father to perform ‘Alarm on the Express’ (1938).

For several years he was part of the ‘Alfred Hitchcock Magazine’ as a representative of the family and collaborated with several publications, co-writing with Laurent Bouzereau a book about his mother entitled Alma Hitchcock: The Woman Behind the Man.

Patricia’s death occurred just four days before the 122nd anniversary of her father’s birth.

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