David Schwimmer reacts for the first time to a relationship with Jennifer Aniston

Yesterday (Wednesday) the whole world woke up to the morning of a new comeback, when overseas reports confirmed a romantic relationship between Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer. Relatives of the two claimed that the actors – who played the couple in a series of separations and rehearsals in the series “Friends”, Ross and Rachel – renewed their romantic relationship, claiming that they were just before the official launch of the relationship. Now on David’s behalf respond to the news, reminding us of the most important lesson in the world of celebs: expectations are only in the pillows.

On behalf of David, the American Sun was told that there was “no truth” in reports of a relationship between him and Jennifer, and did not expand a word beyond that. As you may recall, insiders claimed it was the reunion of the “Friends” series last May that rekindled the two’s relationship – and since then the ship has sailed. “After the reunion it was clear to both of them that the feelings they had always tried to bury were still there. The memories they evoked from the past made it clear to them that their son had the same chemistry that their son had in the past, and immediately after the show they started texting. Les “.

Relatives added that they “spent time at Jennifer’s house, she cooked them dinners, they enjoyed quality time together, talked and laughed. They were also seen drinking wine at Jen’s favorite wine bar while having a deep conversation. It was clear. That their sons have a lot of chemistry. ” Despite our hopes, it seems that Jen and David are still just friends.

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