The set design of Nebulossa at Eurovision will be in charge of Juan Sebastián and Israel Reyes

The performance of the Alicante duo Nebulossa at the Eurovision 2024 festival will have the scenery by Juan Sebastián and Israel Reyes, as reported by RTVE in a statement.

In fact, the set designers already worked with Nebulossa in the last edition of the Benidorm Fest, in which the duo won to represent Spain at the festival.

The objective, as explained by RTVE, is to “make the most” of the technical resources offered by the festival to “enhance” the song, ‘Zorra’. “It is the result of years of work and a showcase of the creative capacity of a generation of professionals who have worked combining different disciplines as a way out of the difficulties of the sector,” both added.

Juan Sebastián Domínguez is a set designer, costume designer and art director and has done scenography, costume and lighting work in opera, zarzuela, dance or theater and musical theater. He has also been art director for television on various programs such as Eurovision, Benidorm Fest, Got Talent, The Dancer and Idol Kids.

Meanwhile, Israel Reyes Tejera is a stage director, author and theater producer and his television works include the Drag Gala at the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the program ‘Mamá Quiero Triunfar’ for TVE in the Canary Islands and the Premios Canarias, as well as the program ‘Canarias Orgullosa’ for Radio Televisión Canaria.

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