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The novelty of the famous Sally Wainwright is a historical fantasy series that may entertain young people, but at least adults.

British screenwriter Sally Wainwrightin a career is a series of successes. Scott & Bailey – police series and drama comedy Last year in Halifax gathered their credit audience in Finland as well, and after them, tough Happy Valley claimed its place in the best British police series.

An excellent history series was completed as a joint production of HBO and BBC Gentleman Jack, which Wainwright also directed himself. Wainwright’s novelty is called Renegade Nelland in that, too, we retreat to history, but this time by means of action fantasy.

Wainwright has a habit of always changing direction, and now the primary target audience seems to be young and Harry Potter-age kids – or are there any anymore? Undoubtedly, the Disney company is also counting on it.

From the youth never know but Renegade Nell serves as entertainment at least for adults. It combines the trademarks of previous Wainwright series: juicy humor, heroic female characters, love, friendship and, at the bottom of it all, social justice.

The extra spice this time is also suitably over-the-top costume drama.

Era is the beginning of the 18th century. The main character Nell Jackson wears pants and boots as she did Gentleman Jack’s Anne Lister. There are no wrinkles for these women, and Nell also has supernatural powers, which she receives whenever necessary from the winged goon, Billy Blind.

The story begins with a tragedy. Nell (Louisa Harland) and her younger sister Roxy (Bo Bragason) and George (Florence Keen) become orphans when the scumbag disgusting landowner’s son Thomas (Jake Dunn) kills their father. From here, the plot quickly swells to imaginative proportions, and Nell becomes a pursued highwayman.

Twists and turns and new characters are introduced in each episode, but not to the point of exhaustion. Here, too, the screenwriter’s skills are visible: material piles up from all directions, but in a controlled manner.

A motley crowd gathers around Nell. On the side of the villains is a terrible counterforce Poynton (Adrian Lester) and Thomas’ mysterious sister Sofia (Alice Kremelberg).

In action scenes, anything is possible, when living in fantasy. The series has a bit of history in its name, though. A sickly queen had indeed ended up on the throne in those years Annaand the Jacobites were preparing a rebellion.



Adrian Lester is one of the series’ villains.

Series the role choices are excellent across the board, but the crown of the series is Louisa Harland, who plays Nell, who will be remembered Derry Girls – as the quirky Orla of the comedy series. Harland plays the hero role casually and without exaggeration, as if Nell is just an ordinary poor country girl who just happens to be smarter than average.

The mini-sized but even more important Billy Blind is played, among other things Ted Lassosta everything Nick Mohammed.

It can be concluded from the final picture that it is possible to make a sequel, if so desired.

Renegade Nell, Disney+.

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