Numerology looks for the symbolism of numbers. For Rulo (Raúl Gutiérrez, Reinosa, 44 years old), leader of Rulo y la Contrabanda, the number five means his group, his family and now his fifth album, 5, which he presented a few days ago to a group of EL PAÍS subscribers at the Teatros Luchana in Madrid. The event, moderated by journalist Laura Piñero, is part of the exclusive EL PAÍS+ activities program.

The artist opened the meeting by performing acoustically Confetti, a song dedicated to his 7-year-old son Oliver. The composer likes the public to take the songs to his territory to give them a new interpretation. In this case, he himself admitted that he did not realize who he had written it to until he had already finished it.

Rulo confessed to being a “very northern” person. From a father who loved guitars and a mother who worked in the world of radio, he soon inherited the vocation of a musician. At a Los Suaves concert he discovered what he wanted to be. Since feelings were not talked about in his family, he used songs to talk about them.

After 13 years with La Fuga, a band with which he achieved great success, in 2009 he left the group to start his own career. Four albums later, 5 It is an album with contrasts in which, in addition to the composition, he has participated in the production of some songs, such as Matter of faithalong with producer Paco Salazar.

What he aims for in each work is to “always sound like Rulo, but different.” He does not get involved in technical issues, but in the emotional, in giving his soul. He distinguishes two types of styles in his compositions: “caress” songs and “scratch” songs. In some songs both styles are mixed, as in Chasing shadows, Bonzo style o On a spree. The latter, Rulo defines as “a beautiful cry.” A song dedicated to a friend who passed away, but that causes a smile and pays tribute to everything he experienced with him to keep the best.

The caresses and scratches cohabit and complement each other, just like the two versions of Rulo, that of the rock singer and that of the singer-songwriter. When asked which one he prefers about himself, the artist chooses both: “They both go out for drinks, sometimes they get along well and other times they fight.” And both have resulted in an album that Rulo is “very proud of” because he feels that it has been himself: “I make the album that comes out of my crotch.” He backs off and changes the “crotch” to “heart,” because it makes him “more romantic.”

He defends that his job is “the most beautiful in the world”, although he is aware that it involves many renunciations and that he has missed irrecoverable moments with loved ones, especially during his time in La Fuga, to which he dedicates inside a song. Inside it, Rulo remembers from its beginnings to the bitter end. Although he remembers the breakup “worse than a sentimental one” and considers that year to be the worst of his life, in the end the positive prevails. “I had a band, I had a dream, I had a love,” the song goes.

Those attending the meeting asked the singer about his sources of inspiration and the ritual he does before concerts: “Toast while we say that it is never just another night.” Many of them already have their tickets for the tour and some took the opportunity to give him a gift. The artist said goodbye performing Your best version and what he considers to be his favorite song, Rock & roll wounds.

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