Urtasun guarantees the “investment capacity” of his ministry despite the budget extension

The Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun has guaranteed that Your ministry will have “investment capacity” to launch its projects planned for this year, despite the extension of the General State Budgets.

Yes, yes, yes, without a doubt“, Urtasun responded in an interview on RNE collected by Europa Press when asked about the availability of funds to develop cultural policies and related it to the increase in investment approved for his department in recent years.

We will have to make some extension decrees, but the Culture budget in Spain has increased a lot –which is not my merit, but that of the coalition government–, and we have the capacity to invest,” Urtasun indicated.

Among the priorities of his ministry, Urtasun has referred to the territorial plan for cultural facilities. ““One of the things that the Ministry has to do is guarantee access to culture, regardless of the zip code in which one lives,” argued the minister, who added that “large capitals are large centers of cultural production” but “not everyone lives in a large city.” “The cultural facilities in the territory need to be reinforced,” he added.

Respect to the cultural policies of the PP and Vox governments, He has expressed his rejection of the return “to certain forms of censorship” that he does not like “at all.” “Some are very obvious, such as the prohibition of plays or the withdrawal of subsidies,” Urtasun has argued. has been “deeply upset” by the “ideological sectarianism” of the Valencian Generalitat regarding the commemoration of the centenary of the Valencian poet Vicent Andrés Estellés, organized by the Ministry of Culture.

I am honored to take on that task, but it seems incredible to me because political leaders are there to take care of culture, to defend it.“, he has argued and has also warned that his department will be “very forceful” with any form of cultural censorship.

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