This is what’s really going on between Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer

After the comeback of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, this morning (Wednesday) we got up for the morning of a new comeback, with reports of the developing relationship of Jennifer Aniston and a friend of the “Friends” show, David Schwimmer. Now people close to the two make it clear: the whole new relationship is happening.

According to overseas reports, it was the reunion of the “Friends” series last May that rekindled the two’s relationship – and since then the ship has sailed. “After the reunion it was clear to both of them that the feelings they had always tried to bury were still there. The memories they evoked from the past made it clear to them that their son had the same chemistry that their son had in the past, and immediately after the show they started texting. Les “.

The end of the bachelorhood period? Jennifer Aniston in the “Friends” Union | Photo: HBO, Rainbow 12

According to insiders, the meeting between the two was particularly long and romantic. “They spent time at Jennifer’s house, she cooked them dinners, they enjoyed quality time together, talked and laughed,” insiders said. “They were also seen drinking wine at Jen’s favorite wine bar while having a deep conversation. It was clear that their sons had a lot of chemistry.”

As you may recall, in the union episode Jennifer and David India had a “crash” on each other – which never materialized. “I had a serious crush on Jen,” Schwimmer said in the episode in question. “At one point we both had a crush on each other. But we were like two ships crossing each other. Each time one of us was in a relationship, and we never crossed boundaries. We respected that.”

David Schwimmer, from "Friends" (Photo: Warner Bros. Television Distribution, screenshot)
crossing fingers. David Schwimmer in the series “Friends” | Photo: Warner Bros. Television Distribution, screenshot

“I remember saying to David, it’s going to be really sucks if the first time you and I really kissed was on national television. Indeed, the first time we kissed was at the coffee shop,” Jen said in the same episode. “We channeled all the appreciation and love we had into each other, into the characters of Ross and Rachel.” Hold fingers that this time it will happen.

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