The Government distributes 115 million euros of European funds to the communities for the cultural industry

The Council of Ministers has approved the distribution to the autonomies of a total of 115.4 million euros from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plandestined to revalue the cultural industry in 2022 and 2023. Specifically, they will be distributed 93.9 million in 2022 and others 21.5 million for fiscal year 2023.

Thus, for the 2022 and 2023 financial years, projects such as support for cultural accelerators. With this line of action, it is intended that a minimum of 250 cultural companies can invest so that their professionals acquire entrepreneurial and financial skills.

Is about a multidisciplinary investment that will have a total of 24.7 million euros to be distributed among the autonomous communities and cities. Of these, 14.7 million euros correspond to 2022 and another 10 million euros to 2023.

There will also be aid to expand and diversify the cultural offer in non-urban areas. The objective of this project is boost the cultural activity of for-profit and non-profit organizations in non-urban areas (at least 400 initiatives promoted) to extend the cultural offer in rural areas. 19.8 million euros will be invested in 2022 and 2023.

The funds will also go to action on cultural heritage, with the conservation, restoration and improvement of at least 19 Spanish cultural heritage sites, one for each community and autonomous city. 51 million euros will be invested in 2022.

For the modernization of the infrastructures of the performing and musical arts –in at least 200 infrastructures throughout the national territory–, it will seek to rehabilitate buildings, as well as modernize digital audio and network communications systems, digital lighting systems, digital video systems, digital management systems for stage machinery, as well as digital tools and systems for artistic management and production of shows. An investment of 16 million euros is planned for 2022.


Also, there will be aid for the digitization of the inventory of the patrimony of the catholic church; the documentation of the assets declared BIC belonging to other administrations or private persons; and the digitization of assets belonging to the Spanish Historical Heritage of private ownership.

This project aims to modernize, through digitization, the management of the various tools that state legislation and the different regional legislations have established for the protection and administrative control of assets belonging to the Spanish Historical Heritage, and thus achieve a more efficient, clear and modern management.

The objective is the digitization of 1,073,000 documents and the documentation of 73,000 protected assets according to the plans established by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, based on what is collected in its various inventories and records.

To this end, 1.7 million euros will be distributed to the autonomous communities and cities corresponding to 2022 and another 1.7 million euros for the 2023 financial year.

The European funds will also go to the description and digitization of documentary collections of state ownership and regional management. The autonomous communities and cities will have 500,000 euros in 2022 and another 500,000 in 2023.

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