Kendall Jenner Reveals: “My Anxieties About a Century”
Kendall Jenner has spoken many times before about her dealing with various anxieties. In an exposed and optimistic post on her Instagram page she revealed: This is what I do every morning to cope
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Kendall Jenner is one of the busiest models in the world, and like her friend, Bella Hadid, she has often shared her dealing with changing anxieties and mental states. Now the star has shared with her 228 million followers her regular morning routine, which helps her deal with the various states of mind.

“Good morning everyone!”, She wrote. “My anxiety, especially social anxiety, has been around 100 lately, but I have managed to get to a point where I do not feel bad about it. I love my spice and my time alone, and I find ways to help me start the day calmer and in a more positive state of mind. In the same breath, I want to help spread some positive energies. ”

So Kendall has written a long list of things she does every morning, things that help her start the day on the right foot. “This morning I took 10 deep breaths before I touched my phone. I went out into the yard and drew, wrote a list of all the things I look forward to today and this month, thanked for all the things I was blessed with, was in the sun, drank tea and practiced more deep breaths. Try it! I’m optimistic about “Continue my day and you too. I love you!”

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