“Bullying, harassment and intimidation” – Iconic Swedish fashion designer accused of racism and humiliation of subordinates

Gudrun Sjöden has worsened in Sweden in the past.

Iconic Swedish fashion designer Gudrun Sjödéniä accused of abusive behavior towards their employees.

The current and former employees of Gudrun Sjödén, a fashion house bearing the name of its founder, accuse him of offensive behavior and racist expressions.

Express the broad story is covered, among other things SVT.

Gudrun Sjödén is said to have commented on the appearance of the staff and expressed himself racistly. Among other things, he is said to have turned to a middle manager and said, “I don’t keep reading your facial expressions because you’re black. Try to be more expressive. ”

Some of the interviewees speak by name, some anonymously. Interviewees more generally blame the fashion house for a miserable work atmosphere.

“Bullying, insults, harassment and intimidation took place on a daily basis”, who worked at the headquarters in 2017–2019 Göran Sandström told Expressen.

Sjödén admits to Expressen that he informed his employee that he was having difficulty reading his facial expressions because of his skin color. For example, he denies the use of the n-word.

Sjödén has exacerbated its statements in the past. In 2018 he annoyed many Swedes criticizing low-wage women for their ambition. According to him, mothers who took care of their children at home can blame themselves for the poor livelihood.

“Over the years, there has been a struggle not to keep children in the nursery for too long or for mothers not to be too far away from their children. Those who complain about not receiving a higher salary or pension are in this position because they have chosen to do so themselves. They have failed to invest in their careers. ”

She stated that women do not invest in their careers because that makes life more enjoyable.

“It’s pretty nice to go home at 4pm,” he said at the time.

In the 1970s The fashion house is one of Sweden’s largest fashion exporters. It has hundreds of employees both at home and abroad. In 2013, the store was opened in 2013 in Helsinki’s Separator, where it still operates.

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