If we were to see Angelina Jolie at a bar in Hollywood, we would probably do what any sane person would do – and photograph her. But Angelina is not really happy with the situation she is in, and when a passerby documents her – she is furious

Photo: instagram

Angelina Jolie is relaxed from her and Brad Pitt’s grueling divorce, and in recent weeks she’s mostly busy with entertainment. The 46.year.old star traveled to New York with her children, went on a photogenic vacation in Italy, and now that she’s back in Los Angeles, she’s keeping the vacation mood – and so she was photographed.

Angelina spent a reggae evening at an upscale Hollywood bar, and went out all alone. Angie sat in front of the view, looking across the horizon and shaking her head to the beat of the music. Suddenly a dedicated follower of our favorite Instagram page, “Deuxmoi” arrived, documented the star on her lone outing – and sent the photos to the whole world. When Angie spotted the same dedicated photographer, she gave him the look.

Angelina Jolie Paparazzi (Photo: instagram)
She enjoys the music. Angie | Photo: instagram

“I saw Angelina at the reggae prom today,” the dedicated surfer wrote. “She just sat there and moved her head to the beat of the music all night. She didn’t dance or communicate with anyone, and when I filmed her she gave me a death look.” Star or no star?

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