Jack White, Kae Tempest, Daniel Rossen, picture book: The pop albums of the week in the sound check

Jack White: Fear of Dawn (Third Man)
White is now blue. And louder than ever. As always striving for style, he has found the appropriate look for this nasty work with cold steel blue. The roar is brutal, the sound an attack. He did almost everything by himself. Sounds all too clear: Jack White has lost his mojo. Andreas Mueller, moderator

Kae Tempest: The Line Is a Curve (Virgin)
In the lyrics of the 5th album, Tempest is more self-centered than ever. Keywords: reflection, understanding, acceptance, love, letting go. The latter is also reflected in some smooth-jazzy sounds. “Real” community is created through feature guests. As always, Kae (enchants) with language. Claudia Gerth, Radio One

Daniel Rossen: You Belong There (Warp)
Many indie fans’ favorite band, Brooklyn’s Grizzly Bear, is in a deep sleep, possibly in a coma. But the members pursue their own projects. On his solo debut, Rossen packs complex thoughts into intricate melodies. The grizzly sound is just a faint echo. Martin Böttcher, pop critic

Picture Book: Yellow is the Field (Universal)
The Austrian band does not give interviews about their album. This is the right answer to a world in which otherwise too much is said. Mumbled texts hide behind a colorful noise of distorted eighties sounds. Your tour leads picture book through philharmonic halls. Jana Weiss, daily mirror

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