He won gold and an Olympic bronze, returned to his home in London, and is now celebrating life. If you thought you would never hear about our new Olympics crash, diver Tom Daley, then think again, because when he was photographed in London celebrating with his team he became the hottest title in England

Our ultimate Guilty Pleasure, after all this is the Olympics, came to an end last Sunday and since then we have been trying to find what to do with our lives. Just like us, so are the talented athletes, who allow themselves to rest, hang out, and celebrate their successes, and so our favorite athlete is caught a moment after the competition.

We told you about Olympic diver Tom Daley in the midst of the Olympics, when he was documented grating vigorously at the climax of the women’s jump final. Tom garnered gold and bronze medals in games, and mostly became a network sensation with his line of knitted details. When the diver returned to London he went out with his crew for a drunken 12.hour outing, and was photographed on the street when he was undoubtedly at his peak.

Sweet Tom wore flamboyant black leather pants with a Dolce & Gabbana belt, with a guessed patterned shirt with a few closed buttons. The diver drank with his teammates at equal bars in London, and at three.thirty in the morning the group went on to a hot party in the city where everything happens. Of course, Tom received cheers and cheers from passersby, and returned at the end of the evening to his partner and their baby son, Ray. integrity.

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