Last April, and after quite a few years under the title “Bachelorette”, Courtney Kardashian launched her shiny new relationship. Since then, the 42-year-old star has been trying to advertise her beautiful relationship wherever possible, but for the * apparent * pregnancy photos she uploaded this weekend – but one was not ready.

For a long time now many surfers have been trying to find evidence that Courtney is pregnant, but the recent photos she shared we managed to confuse even us. The beautiful star was photographed on two different occasions in front of the mirror in her home, with a small top and long pants, and within minutes the only thing written in the comments concerned the baby, pregnancy, and Thursday.

Courtney, in case you were wondering, did not really like the wave of reactions that determined she was pregnant, and when she saw the magnitude of the storm raging around the network she simply replied to one of the respondents, writing “I am a woman with a body”. Apparently as of this writing Courtney is not pregnant, but we are certainly looking forward to the expansion of the beautiful family in Hollywood.

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